1920 The merchant Wilhelm Winter establishes a trading company in Vienna, Austria
1922 Relocation to Hamburg, Germany
Foundation of the company existing to date
Export of consumer goods of all kinds to India
1928 The partner Reisner joins the company, change of the company name to Winter, Reisner & Co.
Export of textiles
After Reisner’s retirement, his name remains in the entity’s name
1939-45 Business is interrupted by World War II
1945 Wilhelm Winter founds a translation agency in Hamburg
1947 Gradual, successful resumption of export business
1957 Bernhard Winter joins his father’s company
Extension of business to the Middle East, e.g. Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, partially with branch offices

The partners Bartels and Detlefs, who have strong relationships mainly to West African customers, are taken into the company

Foundation of Winter, Detlefs & Co. for business in Africa
1960s Opening of a furniture store in Hamburg operated by Detlefs

Regular business trips of Bernhard Winter along the West African coast from Senegal to Cameroon
Delivery of household items and consumer goods

Activity as a “confirming house“, i. e. purchases by African customers in the Far East are financed with Letters of Credit
1968 Due to family relationships, export of household items, particularly chinaware, to the USA
Agency for various well-known German manufacturers of chinaware

Detlefs leaves the company, closing of Winter Detlefs & Co. and the furniture store
1970s Expansion of business in Africa
Employment of local agents, especially in Nigeria
Delivery of consumer goods and technical equipment
1980s Decline of business due to the debit crisis, particularly in Nigeria
Approx. 1985 temporary abandonment of activities in Africa

New market development in Poland and Hungary
Delivery of Indonesian and Mexican glassware and stoneware
1990s Gradual resumption of business in Africa
Delivery of car spare parts
2000 Delivery of mini-kitchens to the USA

Supply of various non-technical products to cruise lines and other ship suppliers
2001 First delivery of trucks and technical equipment to Nigeria with a State Government as the final customer
2003 First delivery of trucks and spare parts to Angola
2009 Due to an infrastructure project in Nigeria, establishment of GHS Heritage GmbH
2010 Import of bicycles and tricycles